Cold Business (2017)

How is a business run? Why do businesses fail?

Cold Business (CB) is an educational entrepreneurship desktop game powered by Unreal Engine, and aligned with the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurial Education. Unlike games that focus on manual labor and purely satisfying customer needs, CB brings the realities of running a business to the forefront. Players run their own ice cream shop, complete with their own invented names and flavor combinations. Unlike games where the focus is on the manual labor of providing a service, the player has to account for daily and yearly revenue and expenses (e.g., employee’s salary, tax). CB was my focus for my independent study with H. Chad Lane in Spring 2016.

The player’s ice cream business sits next to two neighbors: a thriving business and a failing one. Students can make observations on the business models present and the instructor may intervene to direct class discussions toward certain topics within business.

Future additions include customization of game space, hiring and managing A.I. employees, seasons that effect sales of certain items, the ability to sell coffee, drinks, and other additional items. A full document providing game play and curriculum details on CB is available upon request.

Game map
Player’s store

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